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These are the latest results from the current or most recent event using our Results Service; for more detailed results, and for past events, please visit our Rally Results website. The current/most recent event is the Galway Summer Stages Rally, 2016. The next rally will be the Clare Stages Rally, 2016.

Current Online Events and Regulations

These are the current events for which online entries are being accepted; click the link to be taken to the online entries system. Regulations may be downloaded for some of these events; see the list of attached files. View the full page to see events opening soon, and recently closed events.
Wexford Stages Rally, 2016 2-day National/Club Tarmac Rally, in Wexford Closing in 8 days Enter this event
Clare Stages Rally, 2016 1-day National/Club Tarmac Rally, in Shannon, Co. Clare Closing in 10 days Enter this event

Final Instructions

Final Instructions which have been posted are available as attachments on this page.


Circuit of Munster 2011 - Final Instructions #1


5th June 2011

Galway International 2011 - Sunday Restart Times

Car Driver Navigator Make/Model Class

Galway International 2011 - Final Instructions No. 1

Final Instructions No. 1 for the Safety Direct Galway International Rally, 2011 have now been posted, see attachment.

Clare Stages Rally 2010 - Final Instructions No. 1

Final Instructions #1 for the Clare Stages Rally, 2010, are attached; see Attachments to download.

Galway Summer Stages 2010 - Final Instructions No. 1

Final Instructions #1 for the Galway Summer Stages Rally, 2010, are attached; see Attachments to download.

Thomas Maguire RIP

We wish to express our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of the late Thomas Maguire as he reaches his Final Control. Funeral arrangements are posted on

Our thoughts and prayers also for Shane, wishing you Godspeed for a full and speedy recovery.

And thanks to Donegal Motor Club for organising the very moving Memorial Service on Sunday.

Circuit of Munster 2010 - Final Instructions #1

Final Instructions #1, and Scrutiny Times, are now available for the Circuit of Munster 2010. See Attached files for downloads. Recce sign-on is from 8:30am to 12:00 noon on Saturday 5th June 2010, at the Woodlands House Hotel, Adare, Co. Limerick.

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