Changing your email address and other preferences


Q: How do I change my registered email address?

A: Login to EVO, using your current (incorrect) email address. On the EVO Home page, click on “My Preferences”. Near the bottom of the page, is a section where you can enter a new email address. You must do so twice, then click “Save”. When you have done this, in future you must now login using your NEW email address; the old one won't work anymore. Now return to the EVO Home page (click on “Evo Home”); you can request a new verification code (as explained above). If your new email address is a valid one, you will now receive the verification email and can verify your address properly.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: After logging into EVO, click on “My Preferences”. Near the bottom of the page, above where you can change your email address, there is a section where you can change your password. You must type in your current password, and then type in your new password, twice, and click “Save”.

Q: What are the other preferences?

A: You can select which club you are a member of, and which NSA (National Sporting Authority) you belong to – this should be MI (Motorsport Ireland) in the Republic of Ireland, or for the UK, MSA (Motorsport Authority UK). Very few people will belong directly to the FIA. You can change your name. And you can select various privacy and notification options.

Q: What does “Hide your email address” mean?

A: If you have “Hide your email address” checked, then when you contact organisers, entries secretaries, or EVO Administrator, your email address is not shown – your email cannot be “replied” to directly by them. They must use EVO to reply to you.

Q: What does “Allow contacts from watchers” mean?

A: Organisers may allow individuals, such as Press, or the Club's PRO, to view the entry list before it is published. These “watchers” may use EVO to contact you (eg for PR purposes), but ONLY if you have this preference checked.

Q: What are “Notifications”?

A: They are self-explanatory. You can request EVO to notify you when entries for a new event open, and you can request EVO to notify you shortly before entries for an event you have not entered close.