How the Online Entry process works


An entrant logs on to EVO – if they have never registered with EVO, they must first do so. They click on the “Enter Event” link beside the event they wish to enter – or they will be presented with the Regulations directly, if they have followed a link from your club website or somewhere else – they still must log on or register.

They must acknowledge reading and accepting the regulations, then they are presented with a number of “pages” to enter all details required, which can include: Category (main/junior etc); Driver details; Navigator details; Entrant details (if neither crew are the entrant); Car details; Recce and Service vehicle details; and “special” details (award eligibility etc). Which details are required are a part of the event profile you set up, they are very configurable.

When they have completed their entry, they are presented with a standardised Indemnity form, with names already filled in under the signature lines. They are told to print this, and post it with the entry fee (which is shown). Then, they're done.

As soon as someone starts an entry, it is “visible” to the Entries Secretary, any designated Club Supervisors, and me – NO-ONE ELSE. Until the Indemnity has been presented to the entrant, the entry is “incomplete”. If an entry is left Incomplete for 3 hours, a warning is emailed to the entrant; if it is still incomplete after a further 24 hours, this warning email is repeated. If it's left for 36 hours, it is automatically deleted. Once the Indemnity has been presented, the entry is “submitted”. Now it can't be deleted. The entrant SHOULD post in the (signed) indemnity and the entry fee.

When a form and entry fee are received, the “ID” is printed on the top. The Entries Secretary looks this ID up on the entry list in EVO (they're in ID order), and clicks on “Manage”. The fee details (method of payment, cheque/ref number, and whether or not the fee has been paid) are entered, and the entry Acknowledged (click the big Acknowledge button). This takes a few seconds per entry, so it only takes a few minutes to go through the day's post. The entrant is then emailed an entry acknowledgement.

The “Manage” page shows complete entry details. If you're not happy with them, there's a handy link you can click which sends a snotty email to the entrant telling them to complete their entry. Doing this also marks the entry as “Holding” - so you can easily identify it later. Also, if you don't mark the fee as paid, they'll get a snotty reminder to pay up!

That's really all there is to it. Once entries are closed, you can get an extract of some or all of the data as an Excel spreadsheet. EVO can generate this as a download for you, there's a handy “Export/Download” link at the bottom of the entry list which lets you select which data you want to export. Or you can synchronise the data with the offline Event manager. When seeding is done, this information can be keyed into EVO (possible – but painful if you've got 200+ entries!), or it can be automatically uploaded (almost painless). Final Instructions are then sent.

It is possible (this is OPTIONAL – and fully under YOUR control!) to allow “watchers” (e.g. press, club PRO etc) to “watch” the entry list. You can limit the “status” of entries such people can see, e.g. to “submitted” or only to “acknowledged” entries. Talk to me about this separately.