Preparing an event for Online Entries


Your regulations should be available in a “web-friendly” form. This means preferably as “html”, or a word processor document which can easily be converted – use simple formatting (i.e. no special fonts, and just use bold, italic, underline etc), and little or no graphics. PDF files are well and good but they can be big – and if it takes an entrant 15 minutes to download a 3 megabyte PDF of the regulations on a dial-up connection, they won't - they're simply not going to read them! On your own club website is best, but I can put them on my site if you want.

You must offer "paper" entry forms as well as on-line entries. This may be made available by sending an SAE, rather than being easily downloaded, to encourage online entries. I suggest that you DEFINITELY don't include a paper entry form as a part of the regulations – at least make it a separate document, and make it difficult for people to find it!

In order to set up an event in EVO, the following information is required:

  • The TYPE of event (National, Forestry, etc);
  • The NAME of the event;
  • The PROMOTOR (full legal title, required for the Indemnity);
  • Instructions – are entries to be posted in, or brought on the day?
  • The DATE the event starts (or is on – if a one-day event);
  • The DATE and TIME entries open (this IS timed to the MINUTE!);
  • The DATE and TIME entries close (again, this IS timed to the MINUTE!);
  • The web address for viewing/downloading the Regulations;
  • Name of the Entries Secretary;
  • Email address of the Entries Secretary (REQUIRED!);
  • Telephone contact (and time restrictions) for the Entries Secretary;
  • Postal address to send completed Indemnities and entry fees to.

If there are “priority” entries (e.g. Billy Coleman, National, other championships), and/or any special awards for which eligibility has to be claimed, these are also required.

If the categories (e.g. Main Field, Junior etc), or classes, are not standard, full details are required to set them up.

Entries can be notified to the Entries Secretary by email as they are submitted – this is optional, and by default is DISABLED.

The Entries Secretary MUST be a registered EVO user. There should also be a designated “club supervisor” - this may be the same person. There may be more than one Club Supervisor. A Club Supervisor MUST ALSO be a registered EVO user; and I have to work some background “magic” to turn them into a Club Supervisor!