Online Entries


EVO is the “online” counterpart to our Event Manager software (EM), but it is quite possible to export the data in Excel format (or text format), so if you wanted to use EVO but not the offline EM, this is possible, so long as your existing software can import text files or Excel spreadsheets - or you just want to use spreadsheets. EVO can automatically generate Excel spreadsheets with selected entry details, for download. But if you do use offline EM, integration with EVO is extremely simple; there's a special menu option to synchronise EM with EVO. This is full two-way synchronisation, so changes made offline are uploaded to EVO, as well as new entries or changes made online being downloaded into EM.

Entries can be managed ENTIRELY online right up to closing. Once entries are closed, you will probably want either a spreadsheet or the full EM database for seeding, and possibly also for recce sign-on, scrutiny, and post-event reporting. If you choose to do your seeding on a spreadsheet, then this can be imported this back into EVO to notify entrants of their seeding, and to email final instructions.

When an entry is completed online for an event, an email is sent to the entrant, and (optionally) to the entries secretary. When the signed indemnity (presented at completion for printing), and the entry fee, are received, you acknowledge the entry in EVO and an email confirming receipt is sent to the entrant. If you have NOT marked "fee paid", this email indicates that the entry fee has not been received.

If an entry is not acknowledged within a short period – 5 days, to allow for post to reach you – then EVO automatically starts “whining” at the entrant – and will repeat this whine every 3 days until the entry IS acknowledged. Or they give up and withdraw it!

EVO/EM also work VERY WELL for non-rally events. There are “templates” set up for National, Forestry, Mini-stages, Restricted Mini-stages, International, and Vintage rallies, and also for Sprints, Rallysprints, and Autotests. More can be added.