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Before you can use EVO, you must login, using your email address. If you have never registered with EVO, then you must first register your email address and choose a password to protect your EVO registration. Once you are registered, you will be able to submit entries to events which use EVO; you will be able to amend your entry; and you will be able to track the status of your entry online.

Important Notice

If you login to the "Read and accept the Regulations" page, and you have already entered, PLEASE DO NOT CREATE ANOTHER ENTRY! Just click on "Evo Home" (at the bottom of the page), and AMEND your existing entry. Links from other websites often assume you are submitting a new entry, not amending an existing entry, and will drop you onto the new entry page!

Click here for a "questions and answers" guide to using EVO. If you have any other questions you would like to see added to this guide, please use the "Contact EVO Administrator" link after you login, to submit your request. PLEASE READ THIS GUIDE!

If you're STILL having trouble registering and logging in, you may contact me using this contact form, on www.shannonsportsit.ie

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If you have already registered with EVO, enter your registered email address and password below, and click Login. If you have forgotten your password, click Email Password and your password will be emailed to you, so long as you have actually given the correct email address!

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Privacy statement: How your data is used

This site collects your entry details on behalf of Motor Clubs whose events you are entering. All details entered will be made available to the appropriate persons (entries secretary and other authorised event officials) on the organising committee, who require such access in order to process your entry. Your details may also be made available to authorised officials of your NSA (e.g. Motorsport Ireland/MSA) in connection with your entry ONLY. If you have indicated that you are registered for a championship, your entry details may be made available to the appropriate Championship registrar in order to verify eligibility for priority entry.

When entries are finalised, LIMITED details (crew name, region/county, make/model and class) may be posted to public websites, for example our Results site, at the discretion of the organisers. Full details will never be made available to these public sites.

The database containing your details is secure, and the details are NEVER made available to any other parties, other than as noted above. We DO NOT make addresses, phone numbers, vehicle registrations, email addresses, or other details available in ANY form to ANY other parties.

EVO is operated by Shannon Sports IT on behalf of participating Motor Clubs.